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Unsurpassable level
of anonymity

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Big Brother
Is Watching You!

Using crypto is not that safe:

Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous

Your entire transaction history is recorded in blockchain. Know Your Transaction (KYT) blockchain monitoring tools by Elliptic, Bitfury and Chainalysis already know a lot more about you than you can imagine.

The risk of having your money stolen is real

There are plenty of bad guys in the network who are taking advantage of blockchain’s lack of financial privacy, watching your Bitcoin transactions, and waiting for the opportune moment to rip you off.

Deanonymization algorithms are rapidly evolving

Intelligence agencies of the world’s most powerful countries invest heavily in the development of Bitcoin deanonymization algorithms, accelerating the evolution of cluster, taint, volume analyses, etc.

“Classical” mixers are no silver bullet

The use of the so-called classical mixers with their traditional architecture increases the chance of getting the same coins back or money of questionable origin. These tumblers are vulnerable to modern deanonymization tools.

Your Privacy Matters

We offer a fundamentally different approach to mixing
that entails the highest level of anonymity

We do not

mix your money in one or multiple pools. There is no need in using mixer-codes

We do not

attribute ID tracking numbers
to your orders

We do not

let users manually set the ratios
of the output amount going
to forward-to addresses

We do not

allow clients to set mixing
time frames

What has more value for you:

Flexibility In Mixing Settings
Or Your Confidentiality?

It is your choice to make.

How Does It Work?

A request for mixing

We operate over Clearnet and Tor, giving our clients the freedom to determine their safety priorities. We offer the ability to set up to two forwarding addresses but, if the client requires more, we are happy to offer a custom option.

Buying Bitcoins from stock exchanges

We continuously top up our isolated intermediary wallets with funds from hundreds of independent investors who have their accounts at cryptocurrency stock exchanges like Binance, OKEx, DigiFinex, Cryptonex and others.

Quality scoring of incoming transactions

We run a thorough background check of incoming funds through a proprietary algorithm.

Selecting optimal mixing options

Each mixing request makes the system look for unique processing parameters. The mixer randomly sets cleansing time values (from 1 to 6 hours), determines a number of output transactions, picks intermediary wallets, sets the commission fee (from 4 to 5%) and chooses the percentage breakdown of funds to be returned to clients’ wallets.

Return of clean coins to clients

Upon the return of clean coins, the system looks for the best option of an intermediary wallet from which to transfer 10-90% of the total sum to you, without change. Clean coins are sent through two or more transactions, showing random sums, and at different time intervals, each interval not exceeding 6 hours. This approach clogs the efforts of cluster and volume analyses.

What Is Happening
To The Client’s Money?

First, we put your coins into the pre-mixer where they get mixed with other coins. Then, we send this cryptocurrency to investors’ accounts at stock exchanges where it gets mixed with other traders’ money. Our transfer algorithm selects independent investors and trading platforms, and breaks down your funds in a manner that completely removes a link between input and output transactions.

Our Benefits

+ Free trial

You have a unique opportunity to try out our mixing services and see if they meet your needs. Be sure to check out the requirements for trial users: transaction amount has to be exactly 0,001 BTC (neither more nor less), and there should be only one output address.

+ No registration, no logs

We neither require registration nor store logs. Once the mixing is done and transaction confirmed, the data on processed transactions is deleted. Following up to 7 days during which we expect to receive your deposit, the data also gets erased.

+ 24x7x365 availability

Our services are fully automated and available around the clock, requiring no manual interference. We provide our clients with dedicated support. If any issues arise, we make it our #1 priority to promptly address them.

+ Letters of guarantee

For each mixing request, we issue a digitally signed letter of guarantee, which confirms our obligations to the client. Please retain letters of guarantee — they safeguard you against any disputes that may arise.


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